My Being

Leave Him For Me

Leave your love lover
Leave him for me
Let me give you cover
Twice more than he

Wife, he said you became spiteful
You cook no more because you run a firm
So having your quota of beauty rest is rightful
Says your marriage is infirmed,
But you do not care so he pretends
Pretends that he cares no more, or needs no more like he did before but you I can assure that he does.

He picked me up and without thinking I hugged him
Just a hug but it sealed up an enduring night with you,
An unpleasant morning as you rushed out leaving the children with the maid,
Being reminded that Junior had an appointment with the dentist and a letter came from the school about the homeworks he brings back unanswered.
He hugs me even closer, I feel his heart beating.

Wife, he says your off days are church days
Do all of what the pastor says, do all you can to follow his ways, call him daddy and all of his call you obey, sow seeds, monthly tithes you pay.
You marriage is a game of maize
No communication just a play,
Seeds in clay, headed no where
He wonders what the pastor preaches, wonders if you know what the Bible really teaches.
Or maybe the pastor talks less about souls but fishes
Big fat fishes, “Cast your bread upon the waters”
“Give and it shall be given unto you”
“Receive it!” Marital break through, Financial Pull through, then your past and future he sees through then more seeds you sow, lay low woman seeds don’t spring from clay.

Me at the front seat of his luxury car
Massaging his hand, ranting endlessly about my day
We laugh and tease, I enjoy his ease, I aim to please.
I raise the trends about Moesha, he says, “stop it dear, you’re nothing like that girl”
I really don’t know the difference but I just laugh.
He stares at the nothingness of the air and says, “You are different”.
Long silence, we sit timeless

Wife, he said you missed your place
Priorities misplaced
The home is your office to run
Not the office you run
The children should be your problem
Not the workers and the client’s problem
You spend hours to make up.
The children wonder why you can’t make it up, for all the times you promised you’d spend together,
That one time you will be a mother again
That day when nothing but family will matter
For seeds don’t spring up in clay no matter how much you water.

Woman I see your comments under the pepperdems
I cooked your husband jollof, with some pepper there
We both know he likes it hot in there
So I really spiced and peppered-dem
The chicken was good, my sauce was raw
See applied one law

I read your bashing comment under the sugardems
I fried pancakes for your husband, with some sugar in there
We both know he likes it sweet in there
So I really milked and sugared- Dem
The pancakes were good, my syrup was sweet
So I had a mission to complete

Can’t blame me, what’s a girl supposed to do
Sweet mouthed, I did the job
Hold, turn gentle like a door knob
You turned into bedroom slob
Don’t look at me that way, you let me rob
Me atop The driver’s seat, silent ride, the roads are bumpy
Made me a little jumpy, maybe froggy
We came in silence, no time for a dog….gy
We came in silence
Your dogs were barking, I brought your husband home.

Wife, it’s half past ten
You’re still not home, till when?
You want to please career and then?
Life hits you and you blame it on men
Men are thrash, the very ones you littered your life with
Women like you just smash, your simple task was to build,

You missed your place,
Priorities misplaced
Your worth replaced
Your presence unplaced
My every effort graced
Memories of you unconsciously erased

Woman don’t be success crazed
You’re not too late your marriage can be saved
Fail your family and these seeds will dry up in the clay
Lay low Woman, seeds don’t do good at play.

I have no agenda to pepper
So quit being a pepper-wife
Been low on my sugar and I don’t need one for my daddy
Wake up woman, wife up!
Junior is the pillar under these heavy walls of divorce
And it’s growing weak
Work your home, start this week
Don’t call your pastor, wisdom is here for you, seek

Our man, your husband, father of your children
He bought me a ring today
Wants to make me his wife to stay
I was happy what more could I say?
Right, you’re wrong I told him I just found a lover
He leaned close and whispered,
“Leave your love lover
Leave him for me
Let me give you cover
Twice more than he”

I haven’t found a lover
I am one as one can be.
I’m no home wrecker, I know a good man when I see one
I gave back the ring
I could hear my conscience sing
Woman lay low and let us save your marriage
Cos I want to have a family too.
No Pepper, No Sugar, Build’em Up Ministries.


My dearest Jojo, I don’t know how you will meet this world but if there’s one key you need, it’s Respect.

I met this world in a rotten state where children have their own will and parents are seen as mere care takers and not parents who should discipline and groom them to be responsible adults. A neighbour can’t discipline another neighbour’s child even teachers can lash the buffon out of the spoilt children of this generation. They fear for their jobs.

I met this world in a daily deteriorating manner, the young don’t get up for the old to sit anymore, there’s little or no breaks in verbal communication even in the midst of adults. Just how can you call a lady bitch?
But of course , I shouldn’t be surprised. What do we expect when we spare the rod?

As it stands now, I feel the need to write to you. There’s a daily declination of morals. I just don’t know how far morals would have declined by the time you meet the world but young man, RESPECT is very essential. If you have a heart like mine and nothing or no one intimidates you, be respectful. Son be respectful to the young and old. ‘Please’, ‘Thank you’, ‘I’m sorry’, use them appropriately as a reflex action.

Respect will earn you honour which class and prestige cannot buy. Respect will make your talent reflect like diamonds and when while you’re still very young respect will prepare a sit for you in the midst of the elderly.
You will be called a fool because of your actions sometimes but what does it matter? If those people had their mum’s telling them this, they will be very grateful.
Even as you respect others, respect yourself. I grew up to meet some boys lumping, not a birth defect. I met boys pulling their trousers down, not because they were too big. I met boys who just don’t regard authority.
Most are big men now but they have a million regrets.
Know how to talk, the world will buy you based on how much you sell yourself. Brand yourself Golden and you will be bought as such.

Fear God and respect women, treat every woman as you will have someone treat me. Don’t ever, in heat of your fury insult a woman. The day you raise your hand to a woman, you stop being a man. You become a coward, nothing but a coward.
Don’t argue with a woman, get angry with her all you want but say nothing against her.
Woman is Woman, she’s your help mate don’t think less of her.
The women of my days are claiming equality with men,i find it very absurd.
Maybe the women of your days will call themselves men

But young man respect everyone woman. Especially the ones who don’t know how important they are, the ones who have the loudest mouths, the ones who call themselves men and the ones who can’t cook but know everything in the world.
You are wondering why there’s so much about women respect. I know
I will tell you about women very soon. Most complicated of the human species.
Let me not stray from the subject of call, RESPECT!
Let the world not define respect for you or you will be damned.
Back in the day, we put our hands at our backs when talking even in public but I read somewhere that it signifies weakness.
Jojo, I can’t tell you how to live your life but I can give you keys to guide you and Respect is the first.

My name is Korkor Adjoa Laryea, call me ɔdɔ ye wu, call me sweet 16, Jojo Maame because I am your mother.

I’m not God and I’m not Perfect.

My Dearest Jojo

My Dearest Jojo,
I really don’t know how you will meet this letter. Maybe in a magazine or my blog. Maybe on this paper that I’m writing on or in a book. I don’t know what the magnificence of technology will have
By then will you be a child with follies and a million questions and mischief or a teenager full of curiosity and many choices or a gallant young man with the daughters of Eve at your feet.
I shudder at that thought.
You will by all means meet this letter, that I am certain of.

Only God knows where you are now and how soon we will meet. I will make it my responsibility, to write you about this world; how I met it. More of how I see it.

Son, you didn’t choose me, I didn’t choose you either but I chose to bring you forth. Read and let it resound in your heart that you were planned and expected. You’ve been dreamt of and prayed for. You are loved by me even how far you are. You were not even a clot of blood when I started calling you son- Get it straight!

I don’t know the kind of mother I will be. It scares me sometimes. I’m going to be definitely different from your grandmother whom I know you will love dearly. I’m going to be your ideal 21st century mother. Yes that’s what’s up. I’m going to be your first girlfriend, your first teacher and your first preacher. My dearest Jojo you’ve got a friend in me. When the clouds get darker and rains come tumbling down, when the winds blow hard and trees fall, when the sun scorches so hot that the earth cracks, son you’ve got a friend in me.

My name is Korkor Adjoa Laryea call me Mama when you need anything, call me Sweetie Pie when you know I will say NO, call me Mother when I’m about to get angry.

Son I’m not perfect and I’m not God.

Never Again

He did it asked me not tell Maame
He said if I did he will tell Wofa Kwame.
Who will throw me into the river.
And have me swallowed by sharks, That I remember.

I’m older now.
Faster I grow.
I see him do it to other kids as same age as me.
Fills them with fear of the river, blinds them in guilt and laughs as the find their way. Knocking their heads at walls
I have been his prey, this wicked creature.
I have been his victim, this son of doom
I have been his slave, oh sold out by my obedience.
Held captive with younger and older girls like me.

He did it and made me swear he did not do it.
Confused I consent.
But he did it.
He did, I swear he did it, believe me.
I pray you believe.
In that abondoned hut along the cemetery.
The ghost bear me witness.
He did it!!

I am telling you now
‘Cos the fear of keeping it is greater the fear of the river.
Maame is old, Wofa Kwame dead
That river polluted by galamsey
But many more prisoner girls he recruits.
Filling them with fear and blinding them with guilt.
I bail my self today.
For today I speak.

Out of his cells girls,
Out of my shells
He did it to us and got away with it.
But we won’t let him do it to our daughters and sisters.
And that will be our pride.
Only on the curses of our lips will he ride.
For we are no longer his captives
He did it and told us not tell Maame
Or Into the river we are thrown by Wofa Kwame.
Lets tell Maame and save Baby Yaa and Jullie.


Take a bow,
How about a standing ovation?
You say you stooped so low
Or it was your mere imagination?
It was my dream to make us grow
I had a destination somewhere,
to home our generation.
Admitted. There were complications but we both need focus, concentration.
Every argument had a duration, start with romantic explanation not a pompous  justification.

No such thing as true love,
Love is love
Above only, never an up down
The dumbest thing ever, “loving you was a mistake”
That’s a dumb ass excuse Mister, you were emotionally attached don’t mistake it with love.
Further explains why you backed off with a single shove

Meeting you was no mistake and I don’t regret it
No! This ain’t the BREXIT
Ain’t crying ’bout no sh!t
Why should I Pardon my language I don’t need your permission to spit
Laughing out loud, it was dark down there yet you never missed the clit
Now I’m your demon love because we split no because I quit.

Love doesn’t need you to be love
Moving forward I resolve, that
You’re the best thing I never had.

 Signed your vagabond lover

Walk of Pain

With burnt hands and scars of flame I still cooked for him

Woke up very early after a long sexual tourney
Careful enough not to rattle his sleep firstly,
Manage to the kitchen secondly with my eyes still blurry
Fix his meal thirdly, serve him on time and still not to wake him up early
He wakes up to eat,
Every movement with my heart beat
My fingers crossed between my skirt’s pleat
There wasn’t enough meat
He ate in silence and as he swallowed every morsel, my heart went off beat

He walked out of the door, left no money.
Me looking after him like a dummy
Night will fall sooner than later
I had to prepare supper
How can I go borrow money again from mummy?

This marriage is bitterly enduring
I should have seen this night junction from the morning
A journey with no destination.
I will die sad if I don’t create my nation
I should grow enough guts to cease his breath,
Find peace in my nation, and live like a queen.
I know death will come soon for me, but better to die a free man than live a slave
At least I would have one happy moment to die with

But my guts have been replaced with fear
Subject to submission even at the peak of torture
The will to create my destination slaughtered
Women can’t go to court,
Neither can I cease his breath, nor run away, nor talk so
We’re trekking till I drop dead.

Yes I know, but from the start, it was love from the heart, from the start.
I don’t know where we are now but it doesn’t look like the end

So with burnt hands
And scars of flame,
I will still cook for him

Journey Away

I’m going on a long journey,
I don’t know how far I will be going
So please don’t ask of my return.
I owe no one nothing
Recharged my prepaid this morning,
Paid for the water, just waiting for zoom lion so that I pay for the garbage.
Then click Okay for the UBER.

I take with me my heart and my brains
For the heat of the sun and cold from the rains.
To be with me and talk to me on the trains
To console my eyes when they get so cloudy and start to rain.
I’m going far far away.

If love comes knocking on my door,
Tell him I’m gone.
If happiness comes tell him I waited so long for him
Tell him I said to look for me
Self pity has been my unwelcome guest for sometime now,
But I choose to leave her behind
I’m travelling light.
I had a very terrible argument with doubt and unforgiveness this dawn
They are not coming with me
I said if Love comes knocking in his elegance and all his splendour tell him I’m gone

Tell him I said it’s not over,
Yet I have to go.
His presence has brewed my heart in waters of my tears
My heart’s chamber is literally littered with his foot prints
The walls smeared with his smiles
And the door knob broken, kind courtesy his inconsistencies

The beauty of my heart’s chamber is now a reason for my eyes to rain.

I’m going on a long journey,
If someone comes knocking on my door and it’s love, read him this note

– XO Korkor 😘

I just paid zoom lion for the garbage
Clicked ok for the UBER,


When it’s so painful yet it does not hurt
When the fall is so great but the feet still run

Smiles express tears
The mouth can’t let words out of him so words wander in the mind, hitting themselves against each other causing the mind to loose her interest to fight back then the mouth just smiles in comfort.
For there’s war in the mind because he won’t just let words out.

Smart heart, she shuts her gates before mind comes to complain
She’s had enough of the pity.
Arms folded, she joins the face to smile for there’s more comfort and hope.

The mind will lay to rest soon after the war with words.
Contagious, mouths smile and the heart cheer
Soon the mind will be infected.
Then words will sing themselves out in encouragement
Oh the mouth will laugh out smiles the heart will join in the merry.

Then where will misery be?
The mouth didn’t speak of him,
the mind won the war without fighting
Sweet little heart didn’t give a damn

It will be painful but it won’t hurt
The fall will be great but the feet are still going to run.

Running Into Your Arms

Miles and miles of empty space in between us
The telephone echoes the sound of your voice
Your pictures smile to me and I feel cold beneath the sheets of our chats.

Days and days go by
Each night I pray and I cry
This yearning to be in your arms again
I can’t think far, my brain
Zero degree Celsius , I can’t sustain
I’m freezing
My sunshine is in another man’s land.

It’s 3:33pm,
Last seen 9:33am Whatsapp.
Him@3:36pm :Bae just got back from work. Missed ya 😋
Him @ 3:45pm : Korkor Dear.

Scratch that!
I’m out running the distance, I’m running through the days.
Into your arms, cos that’s where I belong.
I’m skipping over seas and walking on mountains
I will be in your arms tonight
Whatsapp? I’m tired of saying cool
I don’t know about Imo but my face isn’t  booked.

I said I’m out running the distance, running through the days.
Tonight is going to be our night

Laugh when you read this,
I know my imaginations have gone astray again
Yes I can’t run. That’s an open secret.

Me @ 3:52pm : Sweetheart I’m here!
How was work?
I miss you more 😙