I write this poem naked,
Standing before a mirror.
Thinking of an age when time has faded,
I shudder in horror.
I touch my breast gently
And sigh calmly.
For between my thighs lies a land untouched.
So sacred, So pure and highly rated.
Into the mirror again,
I sigh in pain-
At all my curves and edges
And my perfect imperfections.
For one day, life will tip-toe out of my body. And all these elegance will be but unholy.
Mortality, my physical unreality.
Both the noise and the voice in tonality
The times and the seasons
The joys and cries with their reasons
Dark truths caged in prisons.



I will knock on heaven’s gate.
There will i sit and wait.
I don’t care if it takes eternity.
‘Cause tis my realitè abstraite

Morality in search of Immortality
Dvinity must dine with Humanity.
Fatality athirsts Vitality.
My dreamy reality
Mortality in fair Universality.
Overlooking triviality.
Away from spirituality,
Real to sexuality
Glaring in the face of practicality.
Insane Normality.
Normal Insanity.
Morality in heavenly modality, captured in my mentality.
Narrowed To A Final Brutality.
Broadened To A Brutal Finality.

Me, Naked, Before A Mirror, MORTALITY!


Can’t count how many mornings I’ve seen or how Many nights I’ve slept through, but I can sure count the days and nights ahead of this moment.
I have so much to talk about.
Not a single child understands my judgments.

My concerns sound funny.
I’m imitated even in my face.
I look at the once busy seashore
The once lively world for me,
Oh every thing is rotting. Decaying by the second, fading with time, passing with the tides.
The presence of too much knowledge is total foolishness.

I can’t count how many mornings ive seen or how Many nights I’ve slept through. But I know I spent one night thinking about this and one morning writing about this.

Old Age Is Catching Up.


I had a dream and I saw myself where I’ve always wanted to be.
Attained that height and living the prayer of a lifetime.
Woke up with tears in my eyes,
My heart beating .
Not out of fear or anxiety
Not out of doubt or uncertainty
But just at the beauty of the many obstacles in my way,
The amazing patterns of the rain and the storm
The anger the sun vents on my bare back
Then having to face the cold winds with my feeble chest, blessed with a grateful pair of breasts and a lion’s heart

See I’m crying for the joy of that glory.
Though I don’t look it now,
Though I’ve not seen the gate way. And…
The rains, the storms, the sun and cold winds are as real as my nipples,
The mental pictures of the dream are as real as the eyes that see them.
I cry for the joy of that glory
My heart beats…
For I know the set time is near.
I’m headed for that dream.


A Cold Night It Is

A cold night it is.
Sitting under the very tree we had our first kiss.
That hamattan night when your cold lips touched mine.
With the wind blowing all our fears away.
Taking our cares ayonder.
Me and you freezing in love’s time.

A cold night it is.
With no one to hold but me.
Alone, all by my self, just me.
Gazing at the moonless sky with it’s shy stars.
Trying hard to hear voices from the moving leaves.
Trying hard to hold my tears.

A cold night it is.
Ecclesiastis 4:11 realler to me than ever.
Jealousy piercing my feeble heart.
For i can see all the lovers up the hills and down the valleys.
Touching and caressing.
Hugging and sharing body heat.
Still me, alone.

A cold night it is.
I pray day breaks soon
And the sun emerge quick.
For nights like this freezes my emotions.
Takes my anger back to zero degrees.
And wish i had never asked you to go away
For a really cold night it is.

Oyi wala d)))

Should you wake up to see a bright morning today.
It’s me having something real important to say.
Thank God for your kind heart.
For having touched a sad heart.

And if it rains during the day.
It is God having you to pay.
For you met a great need.
And that was a great deed.
I’m grateful.

Tears At The Throne Of Mercy

As i stand before your prescence
At the gate of Grace
Before the throne of mercy,
Lord i cry.
I’ve tried it on my own.
I’ve done it on my own.
What looked like progress was me walking in circles.
I sin against you, but with my ego i had it justified.
The devil got me hired.
And now reality just me fired.
Now i’m hopeless and homeless and reckless and jobless and moneyless.
Above all im loveless.
I’m far from your love.
So i dont see your cloud above.
The sun schorching my back.
The rain beating my back.
I no more feel your hedge around me.
Life’s turbulence against.
The tempest is strong Im ship has sank and im drowning.
I feel like Ayitey and my problems like banku. Punches everywhere.
Lord i walked away from your prescence only to see pain.

Father my heart is longing for you.
I admit that im weak and im dirty so Lord strengthen and wash me.
If like Jonah i’ve been swallowed then cause the whale to vomit me.
I beg Lord have mercy on me.
Master my ship has sank i am drowning.
Please Lord, Please Lord.
Restore unto me the joy of salvation.
Cos im nothing without your love.
I have no peace within and no joy without.
No love around and no friend at all.
God see how the devil laughs at me now.
Lord come to my rescue.

I… I… I…. Promise Lord.
Yes.. Yes.. Yes.. Im gonna preach… Im gonna teach.
Im gonna sing…. Im gonna dance.
Imma tell it to the world how you saved my life.

As i stand in your prescence
At the gate of Grace
Before the thone of mercry i cry.

Feeling Alone

Missing you makes me ill
And i have just taken a pill
But ill i feel still.
On my way to “missin you badly”
The clinic down the street.
For i am ill
Hurry there if you will
And bring all of you to pay the bill
I just took a pill
But ill i feel still.
Nothing can my loneliness fill
Only you presence can me fill
And your touch me refill.

Cross me at the junction.
For at the clinic i will get an injection
Which i fear might not heal my state of rejection.

Better still, hurry my love.
For the sky is not clear above
And you know i fear the cold
Please hurry, so in the cold, me you hold.

I go to the clinic no more.
On my way to the market now.
To buy a few love stuff
And prepare you some “leave me not soup”
So tonight you hold me tight.
Missing you makes me ill
I just took pill
I will sit in the porch and wait for you
Oh my love doctor.
For only your injections can make me whole.

Im Human

Let’s say for instance
I stand in a distance
And i cry for water
Will you look ayonder,
Far of into the future
And deny me ‘cos i am not your sister?

I am thirsty
I am dirty.
The road has been dusty
My hair smells musty.
It lies in your power to quench my thirst.
But tell me first…..
For what glory do you athirst.

My lips are sore
My heart aches to the core.
I can take no more.
Each pain intense than before.
Go to my home ashore.
And they will thank you isely if you help.
For i’m within your boundries.
A calabash of water is all i ask.

Draw water from your wells
Let your pepole ring the love bells.
For even if i weren’t your kindred,
I am human, your beloved.

Walk away

Him: i love you.
Me: im not sure i love you.
Him:*shrugs and turns to go*.
Me: Stop!!! I… I… Think i love you too.
Him: *suprised* when did you realise you love me too.
Me: When it dawned on me that i had to let go.
When the fear of hurting you gripped my heart.
When i realised that you once walked in the community of my heart.
Don’t say a word please.
Just walk away and don’t look back.
Walk away from me
Walk away from my heart.
Walk away from me for my hands are stained
Walk away from my smiles before they enchant you.
Walk away from my voice before it hypothenises you.
Walk away from the pages we have written so far before it becomes a book.
Walk away and never look back.
Walk away and lets stop tatooing each other in our souls.
Walk away and lets stop building this tour d’amour.
For you and i can’t be.

W A L K. A W A Y
I just realised that my heart has gone astray.
And i love you too.

Him: i don’t care what the past says. I say i want to be with you.