My Miracle

If walking backwards home could solve the problem  then what ever will be should be. After all ‘na will cane me. All she needs from me is that i get home soon. I can see a clear picture of my silly sister bandling palm fronds for my sorry backside. And see how skillfuly she does it “w’allai” is this girl really my sister? She is filled with delight as she thinks of how ‘na will lash me with the fruits of her labour.

my name is r’haman. And today is the worst day of my life. It should be the best because i am returning home after i left two market days ago. We were told to help a white lady pack to pack rice and millet. We were told she would pay us well. She did but alhaji took the money from us. Well that is how come am so  tired and dirty and extremely hungry, Walking from bimbila to bawku. I am grateful im aliveoooooo but looking at ‘na and the beatings awaiting me dying in bimbila would av been a beta option. No no that is a lie it means i won’t see Talata;that  little girl is beautiful. Oh how i love her. As i see her walk naked by the river i get aroused, i love her flat chest i hope breast germinates soon and grows to become a twin gourd
Oh my Talata. I may go to Bawku and die. I might also see my Talata.
so here i stand watching through the bushes into my own house Like a cast away. Shieeeee what could be in stock for me…… My heart is pounding…… My tummy feels over fed. But i’ve been starving for days….. Oh my some one is coming behind me…… I see the town’s gossips also heading towards me……. What a fate!!!! I turn behind and see Musa. I heave a sigh of releif. He has no friends and nangode Allah, He is a stammerer. I manage to swerve the poisonous gossips now i have to face Musa who takes 5 mins to say a word.
No sooner had i opened my mouth to ask musa a question than i heard a scream. Wa yoooooooooooooooo… Waaaa yooooooooo…. R’hamman is alive.. Come see… Come see.. Now i had two options which had seperate offers run to them and die or run from them and live. Just as i decided to run from them i heard a little voice.. Bro. R’hamman… Oooo Talata wrong timing……..  I foolishly paused to say hi . …….. Then they grabed me and put me on their shoulders. I never knew they wer hiding in the bushes oooooo. Eiiii will i die like a goat? Nsha Allah Bimbila would have been better Just then i heard them singing”our lost son, our last warrior, our only son is back iyeee iyooooo ” ahhhhhh wat a releif. They took me to my mothers hut. All My fathers ten wives had water prepared for me my sister offered me a calabash of pito instead of canes. ‘na gave me ahuge bowl of Tuo zaafi and bitter leave soup. I feel like a man……   Oh my God, Talata was in our compound with a little bag ib hand. My parents had married her for me. Ohhhhh this is too much. The Bimbila saga  had been a blessing in disguise. 〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰
       Back ground information.
Alhaji had brought my salary to my parent.
ANd dey were glad. My best friend Abdul’s father had married my sister. ‘na my mother is happy a log fell on her rival the sith wife, she no more leaves on the compound.  ANd my father married Talata for me with my 5 cows. In hopes that i will come with enough money to buy more. ANd Talata’s parent wer hoping that i will come wealthy so they consented to the marriage….. Hmmm no wonder they did not beat me but called me a lost son a last warrior and an only friend.

           miss korkor.
20:19. 16th January 2014.