My dearest Jojo, I don’t know how you will meet this world but if there’s one key you need, it’s Respect.

I met this world in a rotten state where children have their own will and parents are seen as mere care takers and not parents who should discipline and groom them to be responsible adults. A neighbour can’t discipline another neighbour’s child even teachers can lash the buffon out of the spoilt children of this generation. They fear for their jobs.

I met this world in a daily deteriorating manner, the young don’t get up for the old to sit anymore, there’s little or no breaks in verbal communication even in the midst of adults. Just how can you call a lady bitch?
But of course , I shouldn’t be surprised. What do we expect when we spare the rod?

As it stands now, I feel the need to write to you. There’s a daily declination of morals. I just don’t know how far morals would have declined by the time you meet the world but young man, RESPECT is very essential. If you have a heart like mine and nothing or no one intimidates you, be respectful. Son be respectful to the young and old. ‘Please’, ‘Thank you’, ‘I’m sorry’, use them appropriately as a reflex action.

Respect will earn you honour which class and prestige cannot buy. Respect will make your talent reflect like diamonds and when while you’re still very young respect will prepare a sit for you in the midst of the elderly.
You will be called a fool because of your actions sometimes but what does it matter? If those people had their mum’s telling them this, they will be very grateful.
Even as you respect others, respect yourself. I grew up to meet some boys lumping, not a birth defect. I met boys pulling their trousers down, not because they were too big. I met boys who just don’t regard authority.
Most are big men now but they have a million regrets.
Know how to talk, the world will buy you based on how much you sell yourself. Brand yourself Golden and you will be bought as such.

Fear God and respect women, treat every woman as you will have someone treat me. Don’t ever, in heat of your fury insult a woman. The day you raise your hand to a woman, you stop being a man. You become a coward, nothing but a coward.
Don’t argue with a woman, get angry with her all you want but say nothing against her.
Woman is Woman, she’s your help mate don’t think less of her.
The women of my days are claiming equality with men,i find it very absurd.
Maybe the women of your days will call themselves men

But young man respect everyone woman. Especially the ones who don’t know how important they are, the ones who have the loudest mouths, the ones who call themselves men and the ones who can’t cook but know everything in the world.
You are wondering why there’s so much about women respect. I know
I will tell you about women very soon. Most complicated of the human species.
Let me not stray from the subject of call, RESPECT!
Let the world not define respect for you or you will be damned.
Back in the day, we put our hands at our backs when talking even in public but I read somewhere that it signifies weakness.
Jojo, I can’t tell you how to live your life but I can give you keys to guide you and Respect is the first.

My name is Korkor Adjoa Laryea, call me ɔdɔ ye wu, call me sweet 16, Jojo Maame because I am your mother.

I’m not God and I’m not Perfect.


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