My Dearest Jojo

My Dearest Jojo,
I really don’t know how you will meet this letter. Maybe in a magazine or my blog. Maybe on this paper that I’m writing on or in a book. I don’t know what the magnificence of technology will have
By then will you be a child with follies and a million questions and mischief or a teenager full of curiosity and many choices or a gallant young man with the daughters of Eve at your feet.
I shudder at that thought.
You will by all means meet this letter, that I am certain of.

Only God knows where you are now and how soon we will meet. I will make it my responsibility, to write you about this world; how I met it. More of how I see it.

Son, you didn’t choose me, I didn’t choose you either but I chose to bring you forth. Read and let it resound in your heart that you were planned and expected. You’ve been dreamt of and prayed for. You are loved by me even how far you are. You were not even a clot of blood when I started calling you son- Get it straight!

I don’t know the kind of mother I will be. It scares me sometimes. I’m going to be definitely different from your grandmother whom I know you will love dearly. I’m going to be your ideal 21st century mother. Yes that’s what’s up. I’m going to be your first girlfriend, your first teacher and your first preacher. My dearest Jojo you’ve got a friend in me. When the clouds get darker and rains come tumbling down, when the winds blow hard and trees fall, when the sun scorches so hot that the earth cracks, son you’ve got a friend in me.

My name is Korkor Adjoa Laryea call me Mama when you need anything, call me Sweetie Pie when you know I will say NO, call me Mother when I’m about to get angry.

Son I’m not perfect and I’m not God.


15 thoughts on “My Dearest Jojo”

  1. Jojo,when you seem puzzled or lost along the way,while your lovely mother and I are away, just turn to your mother’s words,”RESPECT GENERALLY and RESPECT YOURSELF”.
    from your aunt,your reminder.

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