Never Again

He did it asked me not tell Maame
He said if I did he will tell Wofa Kwame.
Who will throw me into the river.
And have me swallowed by sharks, That I remember.

I’m older now.
Faster I grow.
I see him do it to other kids as same age as me.
Fills them with fear of the river, blinds them in guilt and laughs as the find their way. Knocking their heads at walls
I have been his prey, this wicked creature.
I have been his victim, this son of doom
I have been his slave, oh sold out by my obedience.
Held captive with younger and older girls like me.

He did it and made me swear he did not do it.
Confused I consent.
But he did it.
He did, I swear he did it, believe me.
I pray you believe.
In that abondoned hut along the cemetery.
The ghost bear me witness.
He did it!!

I am telling you now
‘Cos the fear of keeping it is greater the fear of the river.
Maame is old, Wofa Kwame dead
That river polluted by galamsey
But many more prisoner girls he recruits.
Filling them with fear and blinding them with guilt.
I bail my self today.
For today I speak.

Out of his cells girls,
Out of my shells
He did it to us and got away with it.
But we won’t let him do it to our daughters and sisters.
And that will be our pride.
Only on the curses of our lips will he ride.
For we are no longer his captives
He did it and told us not tell Maame
Or Into the river we are thrown by Wofa Kwame.
Lets tell Maame and save Baby Yaa and Jullie.


18 thoughts on “Never Again”

  1. Speaks depths, there’s always this sorta connection to your writing, i can always relate to a situation, something very close… Keep writing it all, stay being the mouthpiece of the voiceless.

  2. God bless you dear, I really enjoyed ur shot but deep Story. Will always remember to let d cat out of d basket & save others like u just asked us to do. God bless you once again dear.

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