Take a bow,
How about a standing ovation?
You say you stooped so low
Or it was your mere imagination?
It was my dream to make us grow
I had a destination somewhere,
to home our generation.
Admitted. There were complications but we both need focus, concentration.
Every argument had a duration, start with romantic explanation not a pompous  justification.

No such thing as true love,
Love is love
Above only, never an up down
The dumbest thing ever, “loving you was a mistake”
That’s a dumb ass excuse Mister, you were emotionally attached don’t mistake it with love.
Further explains why you backed off with a single shove

Meeting you was no mistake and I don’t regret it
No! This ain’t the BREXIT
Ain’t crying ’bout no sh!t
Why should I Pardon my language I don’t need your permission to spit
Laughing out loud, it was dark down there yet you never missed the clit
Now I’m your demon love because we split no because I quit.

Love doesn’t need you to be love
Moving forward I resolve, that
You’re the best thing I never had.

 Signed your vagabond lover


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