When it’s so painful yet it does not hurt
When the fall is so great but the feet still run

Smiles express tears
The mouth can’t let words out of him so words wander in the mind, hitting themselves against each other causing the mind to loose her interest to fight back then the mouth just smiles in comfort.
For there’s war in the mind because he won’t just let words out.

Smart heart, she shuts her gates before mind comes to complain
She’s had enough of the pity.
Arms folded, she joins the face to smile for there’s more comfort and hope.

The mind will lay to rest soon after the war with words.
Contagious, mouths smile and the heart cheer
Soon the mind will be infected.
Then words will sing themselves out in encouragement
Oh the mouth will laugh out smiles the heart will join in the merry.

Then where will misery be?
The mouth didn’t speak of him,
the mind won the war without fighting
Sweet little heart didn’t give a damn

It will be painful but it won’t hurt
The fall will be great but the feet are still going to run.


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