Running Into Your Arms

Miles and miles of empty space in between us
The telephone echoes the sound of your voice
Your pictures smile to me and I feel cold beneath the sheets of our chats.

Days and days go by
Each night I pray and I cry
This yearning to be in your arms again
I can’t think far, my brain
Zero degree Celsius , I can’t sustain
I’m freezing
My sunshine is in another man’s land.

It’s 3:33pm,
Last seen 9:33am Whatsapp.
Him@3:36pm :Bae just got back from work. Missed ya 😋
Him @ 3:45pm : Korkor Dear.

Scratch that!
I’m out running the distance, I’m running through the days.
Into your arms, cos that’s where I belong.
I’m skipping over seas and walking on mountains
I will be in your arms tonight
Whatsapp? I’m tired of saying cool
I don’t know about Imo but my face isn’t  booked.

I said I’m out running the distance, running through the days.
Tonight is going to be our night

Laugh when you read this,
I know my imaginations have gone astray again
Yes I can’t run. That’s an open secret.

Me @ 3:52pm : Sweetheart I’m here!
How was work?
I miss you more 😙


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