I write this poem naked,
Standing before a mirror.
Thinking of an age when time has faded,
I shudder in horror.
I touch my breast gently
And sigh calmly.
For between my thighs lies a land untouched.
So sacred, So pure and highly rated.
Into the mirror again,
I sigh in pain-
At all my curves and edges
And my perfect imperfections.
For one day, life will tip-toe out of my body. And all these elegance will be but unholy.
Mortality, my physical unreality.
Both the noise and the voice in tonality
The times and the seasons
The joys and cries with their reasons
Dark truths caged in prisons.



I will knock on heaven’s gate.
There will i sit and wait.
I don’t care if it takes eternity.
‘Cause tis my realitè abstraite

Morality in search of Immortality
Dvinity must dine with Humanity.
Fatality athirsts Vitality.
My dreamy reality
Mortality in fair Universality.
Overlooking triviality.
Away from spirituality,
Real to sexuality
Glaring in the face of practicality.
Insane Normality.
Normal Insanity.
Morality in heavenly modality, captured in my mentality.
Narrowed To A Final Brutality.
Broadened To A Brutal Finality.

Me, Naked, Before A Mirror, MORTALITY!


43 thoughts on “Mortality”

  1. You know, the fact that this poem speaks more reality than just its naked meaning is something that touches me.

    It is truly beautiful and laced with so many lifelong lessons.


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