For all the souls that are being lost just for being black.
For all those who are scared and hopeless.
To the strong ones who died fighting
And the stronger ones who will die fighting for love and acceptance.
To all those crying,
We are black and proud, black is love, black Is beautiful.

It’s night again,
Life ebbed out of yet another mortal
The sun has set once again, and yes another story so fatal
We can’t understand the pains
The misery is above our brains.
Can’t our tears settle the score?
Can’t the groanings soothe our heart’s core?

Yet another evening
Someone somewhere’s life is beginning
Someone’s just ended
The life just faded.
Who needs an explanation from death?
Who needs permission to live?

Its yet another night
Nature just gave us a reason to fight,
Die by trying to outwit death’s might.
We will live YES!!! God gave us the right.
We walk under His sight forever in His light.

The day has fallen
Another will rise
A life has fallen
Another has risen.

#BlackLivesMatter #AllLivesMatter  #WarOnUs


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