I’m watching the full moon.
And it replays in my eyes as though it happened this noon.
The night’s magic,
The winds graphic,
My, that kiss was terrific.

Look at the moon too
I’m sure you can picture us two
Yeah I can see your smiles
Even between a thousand miles
What else can we live for and die for at the same time if not love?
And what can make true love’s first kiss authentic if not a full moon above.

I bless the day we met.
I thank God for the moon
Cos I remember it clearly as though we kissed this noon.


11 thoughts on “epic”

  1. Nice rhyming and still kept focus on your theme without derailment. Moon, noon,… i got ‘lost’ in your woods of words like a cartoon, sheathed like cocoon and floated high like a balloon…hey can i rhyme too. Anyway, did enjoy the epic and would surely pass by for more!

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