I had a dream and I saw myself where I’ve always wanted to be.
Attained that height and living the prayer of a lifetime.
Woke up with tears in my eyes,
My heart beating .
Not out of fear or anxiety
Not out of doubt or uncertainty
But just at the beauty of the many obstacles in my way,
The amazing patterns of the rain and the storm
The anger the sun vents on my bare back
Then having to face the cold winds with my feeble chest, blessed with a grateful pair of breasts and a lion’s heart

See I’m crying for the joy of that glory.
Though I don’t look it now,
Though I’ve not seen the gate way. And…
The rains, the storms, the sun and cold winds are as real as my nipples,
The mental pictures of the dream are as real as the eyes that see them.
I cry for the joy of that glory
My heart beats…
For I know the set time is near.
I’m headed for that dream.



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