Once when I was hit by the arrow of love, my feeble heart bled till i had no might.
I was confused and sad, i always cried at night.
The thought that i would die was my fright.
So i often wondered what could touch my plight.

I had long forgotten about angels.
Cos the last one i met had made me a man unstable.
So i kept asking my self,”will i be able?”
Just Then you my Angel came in and took the fight.
You took me to paradise on Angelic flight.
You took my bleeding heart from sight.
Patched it, mended it and fixed it back.
You gave me a reason to smile, you restored my heart beat.

I have been touched by your charm.
lovely and gently i have forgotten yesterday’s  harm.
I feel your love always and it reminds me of a love farm.
I weed and water and wait for a bumper harvest.
Is there any phrase higher than,” i love you”?
Is there away to say it into your heart?
I love you, Obaa.
Simply, I LOVE YOU.


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