Let Go

Sorry is never enough for some people.
They just want to have nothing to do with you.
Your quest to settle issues even annoys them.
Your sorries sound irritative.
And all of a sudden sun rays of love that once woke up a flower turns hatred and scorches life out of the flower.
And there lays a sun burnt flower.
Looking old and ugly.
Blaming her self and feeling sorry.
Look at her for Christ sake and give her water:just smile.
Draw close and help her to her feet:please say hi.
She does not need the same old acquitance.
All she wants is to be able to pray without saying,”God forgive me for….”

Some people will never let go.
Water that is supposed water the plant now drowns it.
I have said my sorries
Please say your no worries
And lets start writing new stories
And smile at incoming moments of glories.
Oh i miss you.


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