bring back our girls please
With tears in eyes and with pain in our heart.
Bring back our girls.
The dark one is my sister and the fair coloured one is my cousin.
The short girl is the baker’s daughter only child of her parents.
That hairy girls  is the tuo zaafi seller’s daughter.
Only girl amongst 15 boys.
The tall dark girl is asthmatic.
She cant stand any dust.
Please#bring back our girls.

Yesterday i heard mama Salia crying.
My knees weakened and to the ground i fell.
Salia is only eighteen.
Only one to have been educated in her family.
Her dream is to become a doctor and help our Borno.

In pain i got up and staggered home,
You see Dumebi and i shared the same dream.
So did Promise and Aisha.
We longed to be journalist.
Writting and report about the hidden beauty of Chibok.
Sadly that dream is at stake now.

Mama Yetunde’s sanity is fading
Oh sorry has faded;
she calls a doll yetunde and carries her about
Yetunde is such an adorable girl,
With big eyes and a big head with a small body.
Envy of every mother
Her soothing angelic voice
That fragile girl too?
Take a pity man,
Please# bring back our girls

Fuseni had tried to make use of a rope and a tree,three times already.
Fusena his twin and only sister was taken too.
Grandpa Baba can’t hold it, he is well  advanced in age
And the sancrosanty is wearing him out.
So all he does is drink palm wine.

So the tweetering of the birds have ceased; perhaps they are afriad to be heard.
The soar high in the skies; they don’t want to be near man.
The Cackling and cluttering of fowls are heard as mere shivers.
No sounds of insects at night.
They too have gone for a fear strike.
For even when wind blows the leaves move in silence
Perhaps they are afraid to be heard.

Fear and panic in Chibok
Days of tears and pain
Feeling of anguish and agony
The heart’s toture, The soul’s torment.

Join hands and let’s pray for a
For the destiny of a generation is burried in the extension of their breast, their feeble chest, in a solitary corner of their heart.


4 thoughts on “#BringBackOurGirls”

  1. Well done!! And well said. You have a great future ahead of you. You bring such passion into reading poems. I bet they will release the girls on reading this poem.well done…

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