Walk away

Him: i love you.
Me: im not sure i love you.
Him:*shrugs and turns to go*.
Me: Stop!!! I… I… Think i love you too.
Him: *suprised* when did you realise you love me too.
Me: When it dawned on me that i had to let go.
When the fear of hurting you gripped my heart.
When i realised that you once walked in the community of my heart.
Don’t say a word please.
Just walk away and don’t look back.
Walk away from me
Walk away from my heart.
Walk away from me for my hands are stained
Walk away from my smiles before they enchant you.
Walk away from my voice before it hypothenises you.
Walk away from the pages we have written so far before it becomes a book.
Walk away and never look back.
Walk away and lets stop tatooing each other in our souls.
Walk away and lets stop building this tour d’amour.
For you and i can’t be.

W A L K. A W A Y
I just realised that my heart has gone astray.
And i love you too.

Him: i don’t care what the past says. I say i want to be with you.


10 thoughts on “Walk away”

  1. Wish i can walk away but just like lots wife.. i will always look back…In my abscence never think am gone for i shall surely come back for you…

  2. I wish I can make him walk away…So I don’t hurt his kind heart for I know I ve gone astray, but this I can’t say…for I need him close always.

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