Tears At The Throne Of Mercy

As i stand before your prescence
At the gate of Grace
Before the throne of mercy,
Lord i cry.
I’ve tried it on my own.
I’ve done it on my own.
What looked like progress was me walking in circles.
I sin against you, but with my ego i had it justified.
The devil got me hired.
And now reality just me fired.
Now i’m hopeless and homeless and reckless and jobless and moneyless.
Above all im loveless.
I’m far from your love.
So i dont see your cloud above.
The sun schorching my back.
The rain beating my back.
I no more feel your hedge around me.
Life’s turbulence against.
The tempest is strong Im ship has sank and im drowning.
I feel like Ayitey and my problems like banku. Punches everywhere.
Lord i walked away from your prescence only to see pain.

Father my heart is longing for you.
I admit that im weak and im dirty so Lord strengthen and wash me.
If like Jonah i’ve been swallowed then cause the whale to vomit me.
I beg Lord have mercy on me.
Master my ship has sank i am drowning.
Please Lord, Please Lord.
Restore unto me the joy of salvation.
Cos im nothing without your love.
I have no peace within and no joy without.
No love around and no friend at all.
God see how the devil laughs at me now.
Lord come to my rescue.

I… I… I…. Promise Lord.
Yes.. Yes.. Yes.. Im gonna preach… Im gonna teach.
Im gonna sing…. Im gonna dance.
Imma tell it to the world how you saved my life.

As i stand in your prescence
At the gate of Grace
Before the thone of mercry i cry.


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