Im Human

Let’s say for instance
I stand in a distance
And i cry for water
Will you look ayonder,
Far of into the future
And deny me ‘cos i am not your sister?

I am thirsty
I am dirty.
The road has been dusty
My hair smells musty.
It lies in your power to quench my thirst.
But tell me first…..
For what glory do you athirst.

My lips are sore
My heart aches to the core.
I can take no more.
Each pain intense than before.
Go to my home ashore.
And they will thank you isely if you help.
For i’m within your boundries.
A calabash of water is all i ask.

Draw water from your wells
Let your pepole ring the love bells.
For even if i weren’t your kindred,
I am human, your beloved.


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