Till my dying day

Woke up this morning and the realisation of a truth hit me so hard.
Life is all about lines let me call them boarder line, for purpose of this lesson.
Each passing second we make it through to village we call minutes and every passing minute we make it through to a town we call hours. Every passing hour we make it through to  a country we call days and every passing day we make it to a continent we call years.
Sadly enough we leave friends and family at every boarder line.
This causes us so much greive and shock but hey those are rules of our journey.
Every boader line we pass we meet a new friend receive a new family member and that fills us with joy and gladness.
But of course we loose to gain.
Sometimes i am so curious to know how those we leave behind feel.
I don’t desire to join them any way .
God forbid.
But i just feel like i have to know how it feels to leave behind seconds minutes hours days and years. How it feels to leave behind times and seasons.
Feel how it is to leave in a wolrd where no one knows.
Well truth be told one day i will be left behind so will you,you and you too.
So till that historic day i.see every second as the best
And enjoy every minute to the fullest.
And each passing day, i’d give and forgive, i’d work with focus, play and pray, eat and laugh. Because that is the greatest.
Till that day i will receive every year with an expectant mood and heart of gratitude. Sure, because that is my newest.
And in every second of every minute of every Hour in every passing day of every week of every months of the years will i live carefully because it is the latest.
And depend on God the Baba for He is my Papa. Look up to Him for my daily bread for He is more than my Mama.
And above all serve him till my.dying day.
And when my crown i receive have nothing to say
But cry with me and say
My girl you you deserve this crown
Sweety pie you made heaven proud.
Well till am left behind in a village a town a country or a continent these are my plans.
What about you.
Think about it.


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  1. HI CHRIS,


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