On Our First Date

Vli— A water falls in the volta region of Ghana.
Ayigbe— voltarians in Ghana.
Kente— a unique Ghanaian traditional cloth.
Bonwire—- a town in the Ashanti region of Ghana.( The home of kente).
Bimbila—- a town in the northern region of Ghana.
Nkuto— a unique body cream that grows on a tree. Especially found in the northern region of Ghana.


I will freshen up in cool falls of vli
ANd clad my self with ayigbe kente.
I would have gone to Bonwire but Daavi’s kente looks more appropriate fo the night. And the Bimbila nkuto i will smear will make me glow in the moon’s light.

I will hold in a calabash a week’s old palmwine.
Brewed by Efo Gator himself.
Let’s drink and get drunk in love.
For you and i are meant to be.

On our first date,
While we sit atop the mountains and watch the fulani feed his flock from a distance,
I will sing you a love song.
I will sing in Dagati, i will sing in fante. I sing of my unfailing love to you in the dialect of immortals.
For our love was pre destined by odomankoma himself.
I will humm softly as u drink the westerners’ coconut.

On our first date
Tears will fill your eyes but great exeedin joy will fill ur heart
Tamara de Lempika’s famous painting of the 1920’s will be nothing compared to Abladei Glovers painting of our young love.
After that painting monalisa will look cliché.
Our love will give David Diop inspiration to write chapters.
Prof. Francis allotey will find a love theory in our love.

That day u will know that days will end when im without u
And time will cease ticking at our depature.

On our first date.

4 thoughts on “On Our First Date”

  1. On our first date got me feel like am ready to toast that bae…gone are the days i wouldve borrowed your lyrics to ink in to my Fatia….

  2. On our first date…butterflies Wil singing albums made by my heart. Heheheee how true can dat b. Love dis piece Korkor

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